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Shahid rajaei university arm.

Is the Mathematics and Physics journal of Sahid Rajaei University in Iran.

The first iranian university student's scientific Magazine  on the internet


Welcome to the Negashte website. hopefully your visit will give you a taste of who we are and what we do at Negashte.

Negashte is the mathematics and physics journal of Shahid Rajaei university in Iran . We start in October 1997 and during this years we has been published seven number of Negashte.In the first annual festival of university magazine (November 1998-University of Tehran) Negashte wined the special reward of festival and next year In The Esfahan festival, Negashte wined reward for the best pavilion .With a reputation like ours to live up to, we have to work extra hard to maintain it .For attain this successes The president Dr.REFAN and the vice-presidents, NIKONEJAD and AZIZI helped Negashte .Weare grateful to they beyond measure for their help.

What's New?

In this Week new number of Negashte come!
In this number we published some of our universities student poetries and Iran poet(Freydone Moshiri,Sohrabe sepehri,Ahmad shamlo and others.special party of Negashte is
Silver stein and his poetry and Photo albom.
We hope that you enjoy in this number.Pleas send your comment to mi


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We hope to update this page often with new photos.

Shahid Rajaei University of Teachers,Rajaei is the name of president of iran that assassinated by Mojahedin Group in 30 aug 1982.

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