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Our University



Welcome to you for visiting our university WebPages.


Shahid Rajaei was the president
of Islamic Republic of Iran that
was assassinated by hatchet men .


Shahid Rajaei University is the recent University and in adversative very overriding and important in Iran, Whereas the student teacher are educated in it. In this University girls and sons student ,studying in interdisciplinary for example shahid rajaei university accept student in specially that is wroth below:

Mathematics, Physics, computer , Electronics ,Mechanic, Sports and Chemical industries .



Diligent and able our student success in many tournament and festivals. In sport our student contribute by several teams in many games. In cultural and scientific theme ,Negashte the first and rips northing magazine in our University is the prizewinner in two reel year in universities magazine festival . (Tehran-1998)(Esfahan-1999) In education ,fulguration of many student in postgraduate examination. All of above and good management of university president Dr. Refan make magnificent our university that increase university reputation ever day .Certainly you propend to studying in Shahid Rajaei University.